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Our Firm represents both international and local clients in a wide range of complex corporate restructuring, bankruptcy proceedings, and insolvency administrations. 

Our experience across a diverse range of industries in Hong Kong allows us to provide effective and in-depth insolvency and restructuring solutions for a wide spectrum of international and local clients. Our active approach on the investigative side of insolvencies allows us to lay a strong foundation from which to advise and act in a pragmatic and commercial oriented manner for our clients. We advise and act on matters including:

  • Corporate rescue including schemes of arrangements in Hong Kong

  • Company restructurings and reorganizations

  • Contentious and non-contentious matters within  insolvency administrations

  • Insolvency procedures in Hong Kong, including obtaining validation orders

  • Solvent restructurings

  • Winding-up, provisional liquidators, liquidation and appointment holders

  • Court approved receivers and receiverships

  • Bankruptcy, individual voluntary arrangements and trustees in bankruptcy

  • Advising directors on compliance their duties and liabilities during restructuring and insolvency proceedings

  • Litigation, asset tracing and recovery and the enforcement of security

  • Investigations and examinations

  • Debt collection and recovery actions

  • Defaulting loans, notes and bonds and distressed debts

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