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Our Approach

Lee Law Firm is an independent law firm in Hong Kong law. We are committed to protecting your privacy in accordance with Hong Kong Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance (Chapter 486). We endeavor to achieve the highest standards of ethical conduct in the legal industry. As such, we have adopted stringent Anti-Money Laundering procedures in order to comply with all applicable and relevant laws and regulatory requirements that are or may be applicable to Hong Kong law firms.


As part of our standard procedures, we carry out our client due diligence on each of our new clients in particular when the transaction in question involves a potential for anti-money laundering risk. As required, we report suspicions of money laundering and terrorist financing to the appropriate authorities as well as keep relevant records in accordance with the relevant guidelines.

All personal data collected for this purpose will only be used for compliance with our anti-money laundering policy and any relevant laws and regulations. All such personal data will only be retained for as long as the relevant anti-money laundering and data protection legislation requires.

If you would like to know more about our procedures, please contact

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