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Lee Law Firm advises our clients across a broad spectrum of industries in Hong Kong. Our legal team are well seasoned in structuring M&A transactions. We provide our clients with effective and efficient strategies to meet this needs whilst always maintaining a business oriented approach. We tailor-make our practice to best suit the needs of our international and local clients. 


We are able to advise on mergers and acquisitions related matters including:


  • Acquisitions, disposals, amalgamations, takeovers, privatizations, tender offers, and auctions

  • Targets of different natures such as securities, assets (tangible and intangible) and debts or loans

  • Public companies (including listed companies) and private companies

  • Takeovers, reverse takeovers, privatization lawyer assistance and schemes of arrangement involving Hong Kong listed companies

  • International corporate restructuring and taxation optimization

  • Private equity and venture capital investments

  • Joint ventures of different natures

  • Family trusts, wealth management and family business

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