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While commercial scams and fraud are prevalent, early action to cure the wrongdoing is imperative. The key is to act quickly and efficiently in order to ensure the best chance of recovering assets which have been obtained fraudulently. 


Undoubtedly every fraud is different, our firm takes a dynamic approach in each case to obtain the best result. We take proactive steps to obtain urgent international or local freezing injunctions, preserving important documents, tracing assets and ordering disclosures. Internal investigations can be further assisted by us. Furthermore, we are able to liaise with the JFIU, SFC, ICAC and HKMA.


Our team has extensive experience in handling complex fraud cases including email hacking, internet scams, general cybercrime, online identity theft and ponzi schemes. We provide legal services relating to fraud and other commercial crimes in matters involving allegations of financial fraud, theft, money laundering and related crimes. The Firm is also able to provide legal services relating to the investigation of public corruption, bribery and foreign corrupt practices in Hong Kong and overseas. Our practice also extends to:

  • Tracing, freezing and recovering stolen or misappropriated assets

  • Anton Piller “search and seize” orders

  • Mareva “freezing” injunctions

  • Third party and disclosure orders

  • Forensic investigations relating to corporate or public corruption

  • Suspicious Transaction Reporting (STR)

In addition, we help clients manage and reduce risk by offering customized fraud prevention programmes, compliance training and assistance in mitigation of loss and damage resulting from fraud and related issues. 

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