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The employment legal advice provided by us is comprehensive and modern. From day-to-day human resources to handling employment disputes, our firm is experienced not only to initiate actionable decisions but also understand the commercial realities of our clients in the market. We believe that only a more people-centred approach can achieve the right objective.


That said, modern employees and employers are facing rapidly changing regulations, growing demands of labour unions and talent sourcing. It is crucial for employers to be aware of the latest employment regulations and market trends. A systematic risk management portfolio must be established.  With the aid of alternative dispute resolution, we also assist our client to reach collective bargaining with workers to resolve large scale work disputes.  In addition, we help companies to maintain suitable employment benefits to retain high-potential employees to steer the business to success.


Regardless how complex the employment issues, we are here to help companies overcome the challenges and become market-leading employers. 

Lee Law Firm has considerable experience advising on Hong Kong employment law and related issues. The types of matters on which we regularly advise include:

  • Terminations and entitlements

  • Advising on redundancy, retrenchment and separation

  • Claims for constructive dismissal, unreasonable, wrongful or unlawful dismissal 

  • Remuneration and benefits, including incentive schemes and bonus arrangements

  • Employment contracts and secondments 

  • Restrictive covenants, enforcement and enforceability

  • Labour Tribunal claims

  • District and High Court actions involving employment and shareholder issues

  • Confidentiality (i.e drafting Non-Disclosure Agreements)

  • Personal data privacy

  • Discrimination and harassment issues

  • Negotiating and drafting contract terms

  • Entitlements under deferred compensation, bonus and share schemes

  • Drafting and advising on post termination restrictions

  • Advising on internal investigations, SFC regulatory investigations and disciplinary issues

  • Discrimination complaints

  • Representing both employers and employees engaged in legal proceedings 

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