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Lee Law Firm represents clients in criminal related matters. With the strictest of confidentiality, we are able to navigate our clients through the criminal justice system in Hong Kong, from the initial investigation stage throughout the entire process. 

Our team has extensive background in defending our clients in a wide array of criminal offences. Our lawyers have an in-depth knowledge of the criminal justice system in Hong Kong and are able to assist our clients by navigating them through the Hong Kong judicial system. Our lawyers maintain a close network with criminal barristers in Hong Kong and overseas in order to be readily able to mount a strong and effective criminal defence for our clients. Our experienced legal team and strong network allows us to offer our clients quality legal representation, by advocating on their behalf. 

Being geographically located right next to the ICAC, the Hong Kong Customs & Excise Department, as well as the North Point Division Police Station, we are ready at a moments notice to provide our clients with the legal support needed, including through police, immigration, customs and excise investigations and prosecutions and defending criminal charges including:


  • Public Order Offences

  • Dangerous Drugs

  • Offences Against the Person 

  • Complex Commercial Crime

  • Securities and Futures Commissions (SFC)

  • Cyber Crime

  • Sexual Offences

  • Offences of Dishonesty

  • Driving/Road Traffic Offences

  • Money Laundering

  • Fraud, Tax Evasion and Corruption cases (ICAC)

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